The Swedish Dental Association (SDA) organizes all dentists in Sweden. It deals with issues affecting the role of dentists in the community, professional ethics, education and science. Professional skills, a high quality of treatment and patient care are key concepts.

Established in 1908, the Swedish Dental Association (SDA) currently has some 7500 members, of whom some 4200 practice in the Public Dental Service and 1700 are private practitioners. Approximately 250 teachers at the four dental faculties and 1300 dental students are also members.

The overall goal of the Swedish Dental Association is to work to promote education, knowledge, quality and expertise among Swedish dentists and Swedish dental healthcare. To achieve this goal, the association has singled out a number of important areas of focus – the following are a few examples:

  • Ethics
  • Education
  • International issues
  • Odontological research and development

The association publishes the journal Tandläkartidningen (The Journal of the Swedish Dental Association). If you wish to advertise in the Journal of the Swedish Dental Association (Tandläkartidningen) you can read more here.

The Swedish Dental Association is a member of the World Dental Federation, FDI, (Fédération Dentaire Internationale) and the Council of European Dentists (CED).

The Board

Chaim Zlotnik President
+46 73-673 66 82

Peter Schulz Vice President
+46 70-592 90 73

Gunilla Carlsson Member
+46 920-717 10

Per Vult von Steyern Member
+46 70-965 54 83

Patrik Andrén Member
+46 73-037 65 58

Urban Alsenmyr Member
+ 46 16-10 46 30

Patricia De Palma Deputy member
+46 8-524 881 29

Isabel Brundin Deputy Member
+46 70-456 52 63

Nathalie Wåhlin Deputy member
+46 72-310 69 07

Carina Bergman Deputy member
+46 10-441 71 90

Victor Sandelin Skjefstad Coopted member
+46 76-087 76 91