Swedish Dental Journal

The Swedish Dental Journal and Supplements has been put on hold from 2016. Consequently it is no longer possible to subscribe to the Swedish Dental Journal or Supplements.

The Journal does no longer accept new submissions. Manuscripts submitted before 1 of July 2015, and accepted for publication, have been published in two issues during 2016.

As the volume of 2015 only had two issues, the 2016 issues are included in the 2015 subscription. Please note that edition 2015-3 (volume 39) is replaced by 2016-1 (volume 40) published in April 2016 and 2015-4 (volume 39) is replaced by 2016-2 (volume 40) published in June 2016.

Right now there are no definite plans whether the Journal or Supplements will re-open for submissions or not. Hence, no new subscriptions are accepted.