Swedish Dental Journal 2008/3

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Effect of Pilocarpine on impaired salivary secretion in patients with Sjögren´s Syndrome
Jansson, Lagervall
page 105

What findings do clinicians use to diagnose chronic periodontitis?
Leisnert, Hallström, Knutsson
page 115

Meassuring oral health from a public health perspective
Johansson, Söderfeldt, Wärnberg Gerdin, Halling, Axtelius, Östberg
page 125

Effect of ozone treatment on different cariogenic microorganisms in vito
Fagrell, Dietz, Lingström, Steiniger, Norén
page 139

Work environment factors affecting quality work in Swedish oral and maxillofactial surgery
Pilgård, Söderfeldt, Hjalmers, Rosenquist
page 149

Swedish Dental Journal 2008/4

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Relationship between smoking and periodontal probing pocket depth profile
Adler, Modin, Friskopp, Jansson
page 157

Treatment of smarting symptoms in the oral mucosa by appliance of lingual acrylic splints
page 165

Impaired jaw function and eating difficulties in Whiplash-associated disorders
Grönqvist, Häggman-Henriksson, Eriksson
page 171

Ectopic maxillary canines and root resorption of adjacent incisors
Bjerklin, Bondemark
page 179

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Oral Impacts on Daily Performances (OIDP) in Sweden
Östberg, Andersson, Hakeberg
page 187

Relationships between psychosocial work environmental factors, personality, physical work demands and workload in a group of Swedish dentists
Rolander, Stenström, Jonker
page 197

Swedish Dental Journal 2009/1

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Dentists and eating disorders – knowledge, attitudes, management and experience
Johansson, Nohlert, Johansson, Norring, Tegelberg
page 1

Prosthodontic treatment of patients with disabilities at dental specialist clinics in Country of Västra Götaland
Brahm, Klingberg, Ekefeldt
page 12

Uniformity in selection for subsidized orthodontic care – focus of borderline treatment needed
Mockbil, Huggare
page 19

Orofacial and general disorders in oral medicine patients
page 27

Micro-topography of dental enamel and root cementum
Edblad, Hoffman, Hakeberg, Örtengren, Milleding, Wennerberg
page 41

Swedish Dental Journal 2009/2

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Implant pheriapical lesion – A case series report
Rosendahl, Dahlberg, Kisch, Nilner
page 49

Can orthodontic treatment improve mastication?
Henriksson, Ekberg, Nilner
page 59

Comparisons of similar patients treated by general dental clinicians and orthodontic specialists
Laag, Ström
page 67

Elemental composition of normal primary tooth enamel analyzed with XRMA and SIMS
Sabel, Dietz, Lundgren, Nietzsche, Odelius, Rythén, Rizell, Robertson, Norén, Klingberg
page 75

Analysis of some elements in primary enamel during postnatal mineralization
Sabel, Klingberg, Nietzsche, Robertson, Odelius, Norén
page 85

Swedish Dental Journal 2009/3

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Oral infections and their influence on medical rehabilitation in kidney transplant patients
Schander, Jontell, Johansson, Nordén, Hakeberg, Bratel
page 97

Full-mouth versus quadrant-wise scaling
Loggner Graff, Asklöw, Thorstensson
page 105

Symptoms and signs of temporomandibular disorders in patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss
Axelsson, Tullberg, Ernberg, Hedenberg-Magnusson
page 115

Oral mucoceles; extravasation cysts and retention cysts
Granholm, Olsson Bergland, Walhjalt, Magnusson
page 125

Periodontal health status in Swedish adolescents: an epidemiological, cross-sectional study
Ericsson, Abrahamsson, Östberg, Hellström, Jönsson, Wennström
page 131

Use of radiography in public dental care for children and adolescents in northern Sweden
Falk Kieri, Twetman, Stecksén-Blicks
page 141

Fracture strength of three-unit fixed partial denture cores (Y-TZP) with different connector dimension and design
Bahat, Mahmood, Vult von Steyern
page 149

Swedish Dental Journal 2009/4

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Water quality in water lines of dentalunits in the Public Dental Health Service in Göteborg, Sweden
Dahlén, Alenäs-Jarl, Hjort
page 161

Management of root resorption in alarge orthodontic clinic
Makedonas, Ödman, Hansen
page 173

Inter- and intra-individual variations insaliva secretion rates
Blomgren, Hasséus
page 181

One year clinical performance and post-operative sensitivity of a bioactivedental luting cement
Jefferies, Pameijer, Appleby, Boston, Lööf, Glantz
page 193

Abstracts of free communications and posters presented at the 45th Annual Congress of the Swedish Dental Society, Stockholm, November 12-14, 2009
page 201

Swedish Dental Journal 2010/1

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Cost-analysis of an oral health out­reach program for preschool children in a low socioeconomic multicultural area in Sweden
Wennhall, Norlund, Matsson, Twetman
page 1

The preventive effect of a modified fluoride toothpaste technique on approximal caries in adults with high caries prevalence: a 2-year clinical trial
Sonbul, Birkhed
page 9

Effect of chlorhexidine gel on approxi­mal caries increment in adolescents with high caries risk using professional flossing compared to individual trays
Lindquist, Gisselsson, Wennerholm
page 17

Dental appearance, with focus on the anterior maxillary dentition, in young adults with bilateral cleft lip and palate (CLP) – A follow up study
Chetpakdeechit, Stavropoulos, Hagberg
page 27

Prevalence of malocclusion traits and sucking habits among 3-year old children
Dimberg, Bondemark, Söderfeldt, Lennartsson
page 35

Patients’ experience of care and treat­ment outcome at the Department of Clinical Oral Physiology Dental Public Service in Stockholm
Christidis, Smedberg, Hägglund, Hedenberg-Magnusson
page 43

Swedish Dental Journal 2010/2

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Peri-implantitis in a specialist clinic of periodontology
Carcuac, Jansson
page 53

Influence of education level and experience on detection of approximal caries in digital dental radiographs – An in vitro study
Hellén-Halme, Hänsel Petersson
page 63

Awareness of toothbrushing and den­tifrice habits in regularly dental care receiving adults
Wikén Albertsson, van Dijken
page 71

A randomized prospective clinical evaluation of two desensitizing agents on cervical dentine sensitivity – A pilot study
Jalali, Lindh
page 79

Socio-economic and lifestyle factors in relation to priority of dental care in a Swedish adolescent population
Östberg, Ericsson, Wennström, Abrahamsson
page 87

Self-perceived orthodontic treatment need and prevalence of malocclusion in 18- and 19-year-olds in Sweden with different geographic origin
Josefsson, Bjerklin, Lindsten
page 95

Self-perceived oral health among 65 and 75 years old in two Swedish counties
Ståhlnacke, Unell, Söderfeldt, Ekbäck, Ordell
page 107

Swedish Dental Journal 2010/3

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Psychosocial and dental factors in the maintenance of severe dental fear
Wide Bohman, Lundgren, Berggren, Carlsson
page 121

Scanning electron microscopic and X-ray micro analasis on tooth enamel exposed to alkaline agents
Taube, Steininger, Nietzsche, Norén
page 129

Eating disorders and signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders: A matched case-control study
Johansson,Johansson, Unell, Norring, Carlsson
page 139

Temporomandibular disorder pain in adult Saudi Arabians referred for specialised dental treatment
Al-Harthy, Al-Bishri, Ekberg, Nilner
page 149

Duration of orthodontic treatment in conjunction with orthognathic surgery
Slavnic, Marcusson
page 159

Managment structures and beliefs in a professional organisation. An example from Swedish Public Dental Health Services
Ordell, Söderfeldt
page 167

Swedish Dental Journal 2010/4

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Aesthetic evaluation in subjects treated due to congenitally missing maxillary lateralls
Robertsson, Mohlin, Thilander
page 177

Dental erosion and softdrink consumption in Swedish children and adolescents and the development of a simplyfied erosion partial recording system
Hasselkvist, Johansson, Johansson
page 187

Influence of dietary supplementation with lactobacillus reuteri on the oral flora of healthy subjects
Sinkiewicz, Kronholm, Ljunggren, Dahlén, Bratthall
page 197

Self-perceived oral health and obesity among 65 years old in two Swedish counties
Ekbäck, Näslund, Montgomery, Ordell
page 207

Abstracts of free communications and posters presented at the 46th annual congress of the Swedish Dental Society, Göteborg, November 18-20, 2010