Swedish Dental Journal 2011/1

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BMI status in Swedish children and young adults in relation to cariesprevalence
Alm, Isaksson, Fåhraeus, Koch, Andersson-Gäre, Nilsson, Birkhed, Wendt
page 1

Comparison between high concentration EDTA (24%) and low concentration (3%) with surfactant upon removal of smear layer after rotary instrumentation: A SEM study
Daghustani, Alhammadi, Merdad, Ohlin, Erhardt, Alquist
page 9

Effect of post-brushing mouthrinsesolutions on salivary fluoride retention
Mystikos, Yoshino, Ramberg, Birkhed
page 17

Firing temperature accuracy of four dental furnacec
Haag, Ciber, Dérand
page 25

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and periodontitis, a pilot study
Wallin-Bengtsson, Piitulainen, Hamberg, Lindh, Bratthall
page 33

Outcome of scheme for specialist orthodontic care, a follow-up study in 31-year-olds
Lagerström, Fornell, Stenvik
page 41

Swedish Dental Journal 2011/2

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Treatment of oral infections prior to heart valve surgery does not improve long-term survival
Bratel, Kennergren, Dernevik, Hakeberg
page 49

Aetiology of severe demarcated enamel opacities – an evaluation based on prospective medical and social data from 17,000 children
Fagrell, Ludvigsson, Ullbro, Lundin, Koch
page 57

A history of frequent dental care reduces the risk of tooth loss but not periodontitis in older subjects
Renvert, Persson, Persson
page 69

Changes in tooth mortality between 1990 and 2002 among adults in Västerbotten County, Sweden: Influence of socioeconomic factors, general health, smoking, and dental care habits on tooth mortality
Pihlgren, Forsberg, Sjödin, Lundgren, Wänman
page 77

Self perceived oral health, oral treatment need and the use of oral health care of the adult population in Skåne, Sweden
Lundegren, Axtelius, Åkerman
page 89

Swedish Dental Journal 2011/3

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Body weight maintenance and levels of mutans streptococci and lactobacilli in a group of Swedish women seven years after completion of a Weight Watchers’ diet
Köhler, Andreén
page 101

Clinical evaluation of fixed partial dentures made in Sweden and China
Ekblom, Smedberg, Moberg
page 111

Frequent jaw-face pain in chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorders
Häggman-Henrikson, Grönqvist, Eriksson
page 123

Patients’ adherence to hard acrylic interocclusal appliance treatment in general dental practice in Sweden
Lindfors, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 133

SEITO – Stockholm Eastman Index of Treatment Outcome
Prom, Brattström
page 143

Esthetic views on facial and dental appearance in young adults with treated bilateral cleft lip and palate (BCLP). A comparison between professional and non-professional evaluators Chetpakdeechit,
Wahss, Woo, Hugander, Molin, Hagberg
page 151

Swedish Dental Journal 2011/4

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Self-estimated oral and general health are related and associated with clinically investigated dental health.
Engström, Holmlund
page 169

Cellular responses to cobalt-chrome and CP titanium – an in vitro comparison of frameworks for implant-retained oral prostheses
Hjalmarsson,Smedberg, Aronsson, Wennerberg
page 177

Sleeping position and reported quality of sleep – A comparison between subjects demanding treatment for temporomandibular disorders and controls
Göthe Mundt, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 187

Dental agenesis patterns in Crouzon syndrome
Stavropoulos, Bartzela, Tarnow, Mohlin, Kahnberg, Hagberg
page 195

Fluoride toothpaste and toothbrushing; knowledge, attitudes and behaviour among Swedish adolescents and adults
Jensen, Garre, Moberg Sköld, Birkhed
page 203

Swedish Dental Journal 2012/1

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Long-term dental implant success and survival – a clinical study after an observation period up to 6 years
Charyeva, Altynbekov, Zhartybaev, Sabdanaliev
page 1

Patient attitudes and expectations of dental implant treatment – a questionnaire study
Johannsen, Wikesjö, Tellefsen, Johannsen
page 7

Clinical routines and management of suspected child abuse or neglect in Public Dental Service in Sweden
Kvist, Malmberg, Boqvist, Larheden, Dahllöf
page 15

Comparing patients with Apert and Crouzon syndromes  – clinical features and cranio-maxillofacial surgical reconstruction
Stavropoulos, Tarnow, Mohlin, Kahnberg, Hagberg
page 25

Bed partners’ and patients’ experiences after treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea with an oral appliance
Tegelberg, Nohlert, Bergman, Andrén
page 35

Tobacco cessation interventions by Swedish dental hygienists – a questionnaire study
Johannsen, Wickholm, Andersson
page 45

Use of different mouthrinses in an adult Swedish population
Särner, Sundin, Abdulrahman, Birkhed, Lingström
page 53

Swedish Dental Journal 2012/2

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Comparison of oral status in an adult population 35-75 year of age in the county of Dalarna in 1983 and 2008
Edman, Öhrn, Holmlund, Nordström, Hedin, Hellberg
page 61

A dental phobia treatment within the Swedish National Health Insurance
Hägglin, Wide Boman
page 71

Dentists´ views on fearful patients – Problems and promises
Brahm, Lundgren, Carlsson, Nilsson, Corbeil, Hägglin
page 79

Rinsing with alcohol-free or alcoholbased chlorhexidine solutions after periodontal surgery – A double-blind, randomized, cross-over, pilot study
Olsson, Asklöw, Johansson, Slotte
page 91

Homocystinuria and oral health – A report of 14 cases
Björksved, Anrup
page 101

Swedish Dental Journal 2012/3

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Orthognathic surgery – postoperative follow-up
Schüttert, Alstad, Eriksson
page 109

Risk indicators for poor oral health in adolescents born extremely preterm
Rythén, Niklasson, Hellström, Hakenberg, Robertson
page 115

Routines for interocclusal appliance therapy among general dental practitioners in a Swedish county
Gnauck, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 125

Adolescents’ experiences of participating in a school-based fluoride varnish programme in Sweden
Bergström, Moberg Sköld, Birkhed, Lepp
page 133

How much information is remembered by the patients? A selective study related to health education on a Swedish public health survey
Ekbäck, Persson, Ordell
page 143

Facing a moral dilemma – introducing a dental care insurance within the Public Dental Service
Hallberg, Hakeberg, Hallberg
page 149

Orthodontic treatment need, outcome and residual treatment need in 15- and 20-year-olds
Bjerklin, Lindsten, Sagevik Tunge, Sjövall
page 157

Swedish Dental Journal 2012/4

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A replica technique for studying the effect of fluoride solutions on enamel erosion
Hjortsjö, Mjølnerød, Skaare, Jonski, Young, Ekfeldt
page 169

The effect of a toothpaste containing Aloe Vera on established gingivitis
Namiranian, Serino
page 179

Effect of nicotine-free and nicotine containing snus on plaque pH in vivo
Hellqvist, Boström, Lingström, Hugoson, Rolandsson, Birkhed
page 187

Factors related to persons with health problems attributed to dental filling materials – part one in a triangular study on 65 and 75 years old Swedes
Ståhlnacke, Söderfeldt
page 195

Abstracts of free communications and posters presented at the 48th Annual Congress of the Swedish Dental Society, Göteborg, November 15-17, 2012
page 207

Swedish Dental Journal 2013/1

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Clinical signs indicative of temporomandibular disorders in adults: time trends and associated factors
Anastassaki, Köhler, Hugoson, Magnusson
page 1

Self-perceived effects of occlusal appliance therapy on TMD patients: an eight-year follow-up
Linné, Erixon, Ekberg
page 13

Evaluation of preventive programs in high caries active preschool children
Sundell, Ullbro, Koch
page 25

Common experiences of pain in children and adolescents – an Exploratory Factor Analysis of a questionnaire
Krekmanova, Hakeberg, Robertson, Klingberg
page 33

Marginal bone loss in the adult population in the county of Skåne, Sweden
Wahlin, Jansson, Klinge, Lundegren, Åkerman, Norderyd
page 39

Knowledge of periodontitis and self-perceived oral health: a survey of periodontal specialist patients
Mårtensson, Söderfeldt, Axtelius, Andersson
page 49

Swedish Dental Journal 2013/2

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Onset of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH)
Fagrell, Salmon, Melin, Norén
page 61

Treatment with local hemostatic agents and primary closure after tooth extraction in warfarin treated patients
Svensson, Hallmer, Sahlström Englesson, Svensson, Becktor
page 71

Comparison of diagnostic performance on approximal caries detection among Swedish and Chinese senior dental students using analogue and digital radiographs
Minston, Li, Wennberg, Näsström, Shi
page 79

The prevalence and alterations of furcation involvements 13 to 16 years after periodontal treatment
Johansson, Starkhammar Johansson, Ravald
page 87

Molar position associated with a missing opposed and/or adjacent tooth: a follow up study in women
Lindskog-Stokland, Hakeberg, Hansen
page 97