Swedish Dental Journal 2006/1

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A retrospective long term study of teeth restored with prefabricated carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin posts
Segerström, Astbäck, Ekstrand
page 1

Impaired positioning of the gape in whiplash-associated disorder
Zafar, Nordh, Eriksson
page 9

Analysis of the interleukin-1 and interleukin-6 polymorphisms in patients with chronic periodontitis – A pilot study
Jansson, Lyssenko, Gustavsson, Hamberg, Söderfeldt, Groop, Bratthall
page 17

Periodontal conditions in a Swedish city population of adolescents: A cross-sectional study
Abrahamsson, Koch, Norderyd, Romao, Wennström
page 25

A 20-year study of dentists and dental hygienists, assessment of dental caries lesions in bite-wing radiographs
Gabre, Birring, Gahnberg
page 35

Swedish Dental Journal 2006/2

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All-ceramic two-to five-unit implantsupported reconstructions – A randomized, prospective clinical trial
Larsson, Vult von Steyern, Sunzel, Nilner
page 45

Decreased gum bleeding and reduced gingivits by the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri
Krasse, Carlsson, Dahl, Paulsson, Nilsson, Sinkiewics
page 55

Functional appliance treatment outcome and need for additional orthodontic treatment with fixed applience
Rizell, Svensson, Tengström, Kjellberg
page 61

Pain relief after scaling and rootplaning by monochromatic phototherapy
Takas, Tellefsen, Johannsen
page 69

20-year follow-up of patiens receiving high-cost dental care within the Swedish Dental Insurance System: 1977-1978 to 1998-2000
Petersson, Pamenius, Eliasson, Narby, Holender, Palmqvist, Håkansson
page 77

Correction: Impaired positioning of the gape in whiplash-associated disorders
Zafar, Nordh, Eriksson
page 87

Swedish Dental Journal 2006/3

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The effect of Swedish and American smokeless tobacco extract on periodontal ligament fibroblasts in vitro
Andersson, Wahlin, Bratthall
page 89

Cost of composite and glass ionomer class II molar restorations and theoretical analyses of cost per year of function at Public Dental Services in Sweden
page 99

Oral health and treatment need among older individuals living in nursing homes in Skaraborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Söderpalm, Andersen, Söderfeldt, Kronström
page 109

Quality managements and work environment in oral and maxilliofacial surgery in Sweden
Pilgård, Rosenquist, Söderfeldt
page 117

Interoccusial appliances-indications and clinical routines in general dental practice in Sweden
Lindfors, Magnusson, Tegelberg
page 123

Swedish Dental Journal 2006/4

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Caries and associated factors in a group of Swedish children 2-3 years of age
Bankel, Eriksson, Robertsson, Köhler
page 137

Knowledge of and attitude to oral health and oral diseases among young adolescents in Sweden
Hedman, Ringberg, Gabre
page 147

An analysis of present dental professions in Sweden
Ordell, Unell, Söderfeldt
page 155

Quality of digital panoramic radiography in a newly established dental school
Kullman, Joseph
page 165

Abstracts of free communication and posters presented at the 43 rd Annual Congress of the Swedish Dental Society Stockholm October 26-28, 2006
page 171

Swedish Dental Journal 2007/1

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Relationship between tooth loss/probing depth and systemic disorders in periodontal patients
Lagervall, Jansson
page 1

A four-year cohort study of caries and its risk factors in adolescents with high and low risk at baseline
Källestål, Fjelddahl
page 11

Patients’ health in contract and fee-for-service care 1 – A descriptive comparison
Johansson, Axtelius, Söderfeldt, Sampogna, Paulander, Sondell
page 27

Subjective evalutation of orthodontic treatment and potential side effects of bonded lingual retainers
Johnsson, Nylén Tofelt, Kjellberg
page 35

Oral status and treatment needs among elderly within municipal long term care 2002-2004
Isaksson, Söderfeldt
page 45

Swedish Dental Journal 2007/2

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Comparison of individual prediction of treatment outcome made by a TMD specialist and a TMD-trained general dental practitioner in patients with temporomandibular disorders Sundqvist, Wenneberg, Magnusson page 55 A longitudinal study of dental health from the age of 14 to 41 Crossner, Unell page 65 Development and evaluation of a comprehensive screening for orofacial dysfunction Bakke, Bergendal, McAllister, Sjögreen, Åsten page 75 Experience of dental care for children with congenital heart disease among Swedish dentists Rosén, Stecksén-Blick page 85 Evaluation of a Swedish version of the OHIP-14 among patients in general and specialist dental care Hägglin, Berggren, Hakeberg, Edvardsson, Eriksson page 91 Patient satisfaction with dental care in one Swedish age cohort Part 1 – descriptions and dimensions Ståhlnacke, Söderfeldt, Unell, Halling, Axtelius page 103

Swedish Dental Journal 2007/3

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Attitudes, awareness and perceptions on evidence based dentistry and scientific publications among dental professionals in the county of Halland, Sweden: A questionnaire survey
Rabe, Holmén, Sjögren
page 113

Evaluation of orthodontic treatment, retention and relapse in a 5-year follow-up: A comparison of treatment outcome between a specialist and a post-graduate clinic
Nylén Tofeldt, Johnsson, Kjellberg
page 121

Graduates´characteristics and professional situation. A follow-up of five classes graduated from the Malmö Model
Bengmark, Nilner, Rohlin
page 129

Patient satification with dental care in one Swedish age cohort Part II – what affects satification
Ståhlnacke, Söderfeldt, Unell, Halling, Axtelius
page 137

Dimensions of good work for employees in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Sweden
Pilgård, Söderfeldt, Hjalmers, Rosenquist
page 147

Swedish Dental Journal 2007/4

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Morphology and chemical composition of dentin in permanent first molars with the diagnose MIH
Heijs, Dietz, Norén, Blanksma, Jälevik
page 155

A randomized double-blind comparative study of Biolight® light therapy following surgical extraction of impacted lower
third molars
Kashani, Kanagaraja, Kahnberg
page 165

The HIDEP model – a straightforward dental health care model for prevention-based practice management
Sandberg, Fors
page 171

Abstracts of free communications and posters presented at the 44th Annual Congress of the Swedish Dental Society,
Gothenburg, November 8-10, 2007
page 181

Swedish Dental Journal 2008/1

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Evaluation of a periodontal risk assessment model in subjects with severe periodontitis
Jansson, Norderyd
page 1

Treatment of temporomandibular disorders with a combination of hard acrylic stabilisation appliance and a soft appliance in the opposing jaw
Lindfors, Nilsson, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 9

Oral health in the adult population of Västerbotten, Sweden
Forsberg, Sjödin, Wänman
page 17

Psychosocial work environment related health in Swedish oral and maxillofacial surgery in comparison with other human service workers
Pilgård, Söderfeldt, Hjalmers, Rosenquist
page 27

Bond strength between different bonding systems and densely sintered alumina with sandblasted surfaces or as produced
Papia, Vult von Steyern
page 35

Swedish Dental Journal 2008/2

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Effect of Pilocarpine on impaired salivary secretion in patients with Sjögren´s Syndrome
Jorkjend, Bergenholtz, Johansson, Johansson
page 49

Thirty year trends in the prevalence and distribution of dental caries in Swedish adults (1973-2003)
Hugoson, Kock
page 57

A description of a contemporary human skull material in respect of age, gender, temporomandibular joint changes, and some dental variables
Magnusson, Ernberg, Magnusson
page 69

Self-perceived oral health among 19-year-olds in two Swedish counties
Ekbäck, Nordrehaug, Åstrøm, Klock, Ordell, Unell
page 83

Who cares for the oral health of dependent elderly and disabled persons living at home?
Hagman-Gustafsson, Holmén, Strömberg, Gabre, Wårdh
page 95