Swedish Dental Journal 2016/2

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Current status on the application of image processing of digital intraoral radiographs amongst general dental practitioners
Tohidast, Shi
page 113

Clinical and radiographic outcomes of lateral sinus floor elevation: a retrospective study
Friberg, Hana, Rasoul Mahdi, Jemt
page 121

The association between root canal filling and treatment outcome
Almohareb, Ahlquist, Sandborgh Englund
page 133

A randomized controlled cross-over study of the effect of alcohol-free chlorhexidine and essential oils on interleukin-1 levels in crevicular fluid
Ramberg, Wikén Albertsson, Derks, van Dijken
page 143

Oral condition and background factors in Somali immigrant children newly arrived in Sweden
Svensson, Gustafsson, Uleskog, Mathisson, Molla, Kahlmeter, Matsson
page 153

Swedish orthodontists’ opinions and experiences regarding miniscrew implants
Svensk, Norevall
page 165

Reporting dental caries disease in longitudinal studies – a suggestion
Ekbäck, Ordell, Palmetun-Ekbäck, Ekbäck, Unell, Johansson
page 173

Dental nurses’ experiences of performing a school-based fluoride varnish programme for children and adolescents in Sweden
Bergström, Moberg Sköld, Birkhed, Lepp
page 181

Prevalence of dental caries among 16-year-olds in Troms County, Northern Norway
Dallari Jacobsen, Eriksen, Espelid, Schmalfuss, Ullbro, Crossner
page 191

Clinical performance of enamel-dentine bonded all-ceramic restorations: retrospective evaluation in a postgraduate clinic
Printzell, Haseid, Ekfeldt, Hjortsjö
page 203

Non-specific chronic orofacial pain patients´ experiences of everyday life situations: a qualitative study
Wolf, Nilner, Petersson
page 213

Caries treatment in Swedish adults: effectiveness, costs and equity. A 4-year follow-up study of data from the Swedish national dental health register
Cederlund, Lundgren, Tranæus, Norlund
page 223

Diagnostic accuracy of carious lesions in digital radiographs at a public dental clinic – can it be improved by optimizing viewing conditions and further education?
Milosavljevic, Westerberg, Hellén-Halme
page 235