Swedish Dental Journal 2014/3

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The fit of crowns produced using digital impression systems
Vennerström, Fakhary, Vult von Steyern
page 101

Implementation of laser technology and treatment at county level in the Swedish Public Dental Service
Bergholm, Östberg, Gabre
page 111

Orthodontic treatment by general practitioners in consultation with orthodontists – a survey of appliances recommended by Swedish orthodontists
Petrén, Bjerklin, Ecorcheville, Hedrén
page 121

Outcome of orthodontic care and residual treatment need in Swedish 19-year-olds
Göranson, Lundström, Bågesund
page 133

Anamnestic findings from patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis
Bratel, Hakeberg
page 143

Adverse events in Public Dental Service in a Swedish county – a survey of reported cases over two years
Jonsson, Gabre
page 151