Swedish Dental Journal 2013/3

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Management of tinnitus and jawmuscle tenderness using an intraoral appliance and acupuncture
Ström, Behrenth, Ekman, Johansson, Unell, Carlsson
page 105

Timing of mineralization of homologues permanent teeth – an evaluation of the dental maturation in panoramic radiographs
Sahlstrand, Lith, Hakeberg, Norén
page 111

An interview study of persons who attribute health problems to dental filling materials – part two in a triangulation study on 65 and 75 years old Swedes
Ståhlnacke, Söderfeldt
page 121

Patients’ choice of payment system in the Swedish Public Dental Service – views on dental care and oral health
Östberg, Ahlström, Hakeberg
page 131

Porcelain bonding to titanium with two veneering principles and two firing temperatures
Haag, Andersson, Nilner, Dérand
page 143

Pulp exposures in adults – choice of treatment among Swedish dentists
Frisk, Kvist, Axelsson, Bergenholtz, Davidson, Mejare, Norlund, Petersson, Sandberg, Tranæus, Hakeberg
page 153