Swedish Dental Journal 2012/3

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Orthognathic surgery – postoperative follow-up
Schüttert, Alstad, Eriksson
page 109

Risk indicators for poor oral health in adolescents born extremely preterm
Rythén, Niklasson, Hellström, Hakenberg, Robertson
page 115

Routines for interocclusal appliance therapy among general dental practitioners in a Swedish county
Gnauck, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 125

Adolescents’ experiences of participating in a school-based fluoride varnish programme in Sweden
Bergström, Moberg Sköld, Birkhed, Lepp
page 133

How much information is remembered by the patients? A selective study related to health education on a Swedish public health survey
Ekbäck, Persson, Ordell
page 143

Facing a moral dilemma – introducing a dental care insurance within the Public Dental Service
Hallberg, Hakeberg, Hallberg
page 149

Orthodontic treatment need, outcome and residual treatment need in 15- and 20-year-olds
Bjerklin, Lindsten, Sagevik Tunge, Sjövall
page 157