Swedish Dental Journal 2012/2

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Comparison of oral status in an adult population 35-75 year of age in the county of Dalarna in 1983 and 2008
Edman, Öhrn, Holmlund, Nordström, Hedin, Hellberg
page 61

A dental phobia treatment within the Swedish National Health Insurance
Hägglin, Wide Boman
page 71

Dentists´ views on fearful patients – Problems and promises
Brahm, Lundgren, Carlsson, Nilsson, Corbeil, Hägglin
page 79

Rinsing with alcohol-free or alcoholbased chlorhexidine solutions after periodontal surgery – A double-blind, randomized, cross-over, pilot study
Olsson, Asklöw, Johansson, Slotte
page 91

Homocystinuria and oral health – A report of 14 cases
Björksved, Anrup
page 101