Swedish Dental Journal 2012/1

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Long-term dental implant success and survival – a clinical study after an observation period up to 6 years
Charyeva, Altynbekov, Zhartybaev, Sabdanaliev
page 1

Patient attitudes and expectations of dental implant treatment – a questionnaire study
Johannsen, Wikesjö, Tellefsen, Johannsen
page 7

Clinical routines and management of suspected child abuse or neglect in Public Dental Service in Sweden
Kvist, Malmberg, Boqvist, Larheden, Dahllöf
page 15

Comparing patients with Apert and Crouzon syndromes  – clinical features and cranio-maxillofacial surgical reconstruction
Stavropoulos, Tarnow, Mohlin, Kahnberg, Hagberg
page 25

Bed partners’ and patients’ experiences after treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea with an oral appliance
Tegelberg, Nohlert, Bergman, Andrén
page 35

Tobacco cessation interventions by Swedish dental hygienists – a questionnaire study
Johannsen, Wickholm, Andersson
page 45

Use of different mouthrinses in an adult Swedish population
Särner, Sundin, Abdulrahman, Birkhed, Lingström
page 53