Swedish Dental Journal 2011/3

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Body weight maintenance and levels of mutans streptococci and lactobacilli in a group of Swedish women seven years after completion of a Weight Watchers’ diet
Köhler, Andreén
page 101

Clinical evaluation of fixed partial dentures made in Sweden and China
Ekblom, Smedberg, Moberg
page 111

Frequent jaw-face pain in chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorders
Häggman-Henrikson, Grönqvist, Eriksson
page 123

Patients’ adherence to hard acrylic interocclusal appliance treatment in general dental practice in Sweden
Lindfors, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 133

SEITO – Stockholm Eastman Index of Treatment Outcome
Prom, Brattström
page 143

Esthetic views on facial and dental appearance in young adults with treated bilateral cleft lip and palate (BCLP). A comparison between professional and non-professional evaluators Chetpakdeechit,
Wahss, Woo, Hugander, Molin, Hagberg
page 151