Swedish Dental Journal 2010/1

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Cost-analysis of an oral health out­reach program for preschool children in a low socioeconomic multicultural area in Sweden
Wennhall, Norlund, Matsson, Twetman
page 1

The preventive effect of a modified fluoride toothpaste technique on approximal caries in adults with high caries prevalence: a 2-year clinical trial
Sonbul, Birkhed
page 9

Effect of chlorhexidine gel on approxi­mal caries increment in adolescents with high caries risk using professional flossing compared to individual trays
Lindquist, Gisselsson, Wennerholm
page 17

Dental appearance, with focus on the anterior maxillary dentition, in young adults with bilateral cleft lip and palate (CLP) – A follow up study
Chetpakdeechit, Stavropoulos, Hagberg
page 27

Prevalence of malocclusion traits and sucking habits among 3-year old children
Dimberg, Bondemark, Söderfeldt, Lennartsson
page 35

Patients’ experience of care and treat­ment outcome at the Department of Clinical Oral Physiology Dental Public Service in Stockholm
Christidis, Smedberg, Hägglund, Hedenberg-Magnusson
page 43