Swedish Dental Journal 2009/2

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Implant pheriapical lesion – A case series report
Rosendahl, Dahlberg, Kisch, Nilner
page 49

Can orthodontic treatment improve mastication?
Henriksson, Ekberg, Nilner
page 59

Comparisons of similar patients treated by general dental clinicians and orthodontic specialists
Laag, Ström
page 67

Elemental composition of normal primary tooth enamel analyzed with XRMA and SIMS
Sabel, Dietz, Lundgren, Nietzsche, Odelius, Rythén, Rizell, Robertson, Norén, Klingberg
page 75

Analysis of some elements in primary enamel during postnatal mineralization
Sabel, Klingberg, Nietzsche, Robertson, Odelius, Norén
page 85