Swedish Dental Journal 2008/1

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Evaluation of a periodontal risk assessment model in subjects with severe periodontitis
Jansson, Norderyd
page 1

Treatment of temporomandibular disorders with a combination of hard acrylic stabilisation appliance and a soft appliance in the opposing jaw
Lindfors, Nilsson, Helkimo, Magnusson
page 9

Oral health in the adult population of Västerbotten, Sweden
Forsberg, Sjödin, Wänman
page 17

Psychosocial work environment related health in Swedish oral and maxillofacial surgery in comparison with other human service workers
Pilgård, Söderfeldt, Hjalmers, Rosenquist
page 27

Bond strength between different bonding systems and densely sintered alumina with sandblasted surfaces or as produced
Papia, Vult von Steyern
page 35