Swedish Dental Journal 2007/2

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Comparison of individual prediction of treatment outcome made by a TMD specialist and a TMD-trained general dental practitioner in patients with temporomandibular disorders Sundqvist, Wenneberg, Magnusson page 55 A longitudinal study of dental health from the age of 14 to 41 Crossner, Unell page 65 Development and evaluation of a comprehensive screening for orofacial dysfunction Bakke, Bergendal, McAllister, Sjögreen, Åsten page 75 Experience of dental care for children with congenital heart disease among Swedish dentists Rosén, Stecksén-Blick page 85 Evaluation of a Swedish version of the OHIP-14 among patients in general and specialist dental care Hägglin, Berggren, Hakeberg, Edvardsson, Eriksson page 91 Patient satisfaction with dental care in one Swedish age cohort Part 1 – descriptions and dimensions Ståhlnacke, Söderfeldt, Unell, Halling, Axtelius page 103