Swedish Dental Journal 2007/1

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Relationship between tooth loss/probing depth and systemic disorders in periodontal patients
Lagervall, Jansson
page 1

A four-year cohort study of caries and its risk factors in adolescents with high and low risk at baseline
Källestål, Fjelddahl
page 11

Patients’ health in contract and fee-for-service care 1 – A descriptive comparison
Johansson, Axtelius, Söderfeldt, Sampogna, Paulander, Sondell
page 27

Subjective evalutation of orthodontic treatment and potential side effects of bonded lingual retainers
Johnsson, Nylén Tofelt, Kjellberg
page 35

Oral status and treatment needs among elderly within municipal long term care 2002-2004
Isaksson, Söderfeldt
page 45